Thursday, April 9, 2015

Opening Day!

The season Cirque Season is back! Also so is the baseball season :) I had my first gig at the Whitecaps and it was great to be back. This is my third season with them and it is truly a wonderful place to entertain. I still don't understand or care for baseball, and I'm starting to doubt I ever will (sorry Julie!). But I am starting to understand how the baseball culture has been romanticized over time. I was welcomed back by everyone employees and fans alike that recognize me from previous seasons and we were all out there in the freezing wind and at some points rain. Everyone there was happy to be cheering on their team. Even the people who were considering leaving because of the weather were still thrilled to be there. Everyone I talked to had some kind of tradition they were continuing with their friends, family, or they were starting with their on children for the first time. I love being a part of it and look forward to Opening Day almost as much as actual baseball fans out there! For me though it isn't just opening day of baseball, it's Opening Day for the cirque season! So get ready to hear about some crazy new adventures!!
Dang-it Jenn

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