Wednesday, December 16, 2015

New Goals - New Motivation

Michelle & I were talking the other day. I know this could go anywhere right! This time we got talking about the River Bank Run. This may will be our 3rd annual RBR and we are definitely doing the 10K again. Sadly neither of us are ready to attempt anything more, but we did get reminiscing about how last year we both ran two miles straight with out walking for the first time. This inspired us to do 4 miles this year with out stopping!! So there it is, this year's goal. Also to run more than just the one race together, which should be pretty fun. Well as you can imagine I realized that if I was going to run 4 miles with out stopping I better start training....
You know how I love that. But I'm easing back into it because it's been a long time, and to be honest I'm not crazy about my knees killing me all the time. So last night was my 3rd run since my motivation has returned to me and it went pretty well. I'm proud to say that I ran 3K which is 1.8 miles with out stopping and I had a few descent splits.

Distance: 4K
Time: 25:13
Best Kilometer: 3rd; 5:54
Worst Kilometer: 1st; 6:47
Weather: 45-ish degrees, chilly & grey 
# This Wk: 1st
Song I Finished To: I Am The Doctor
Stand Out Though: Stopping at that traffic light really screwed up my calf muscles.

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