Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Watching it snow like crazy outside the window (I am not at work why would you think that!?) I am reminded that last year at this time I was posting many complaints about the weather and how awful it was to run in the cold. Well this year I have my very sophisticated (and by that I mean cheap) gym membership which allows me to run in doors. Don't worry I'm still running! Or trying rather. 

The gym is OK, it is definitely better than trying not to slip & die on the ice but if we're being honest I miss the outdoors. My eyes are finally starting to adjust to the purple & yellow assault they recieve every time I walk in the door. And I'm getting better at ignoring "those girls" in the locker room. Over all it's been a good choice, I'm running more this February than I did last. Also my knees are less angry about the treadmill than the pavement. Last week it warmed up to almost 60 degrees & I had this brief moment where I thought "it's spring!" before I remembered there are at least 3 trick springs in Michigan before the real one gets here. That's when it hit me how much more I like running outside. 

There smells & things to look at also it's nice to feel like you are physically traveling while you run. However my knees weren't pleased with abrupt switch. I realized I have serious problems settling into a pace (once I get there I can keep it but finding is a struggle), and I had totally forgotten what it's like to run hills. Even with all of that I am still looking forward to heading back out in the spring. The gym has done one thing for me, all this consistancy has me considering trying to improve my distance by the end of the calendar year to 8 or 9 miles. I have my sights set on a half marathon in 3 years and that's a big jump from 6.2. That's in on the running adventures for now but I'll keep you updated!

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