Monday, July 21, 2014

True Blood

Sorry it has been so long since my last post! Life has gotten away with me but I'm back and although the group has dwindled Super Sundays is still going strong. We have moved into True Blood which if you don't know is in it's final season. Speaking for myself and most of the people I know, thank god! Last season was bad. So bad I almost didn't watch this season. There is a phenomenon in television that is not exclusive to American programming but is most frequently found there. That is the continuation for a show past it's natural end.
Every program regardless of genre is telling a story, if it doesn't then it's not a very good show. All stories have a natural arch to them which is typically determined by the nature of the story. It really is OK if a show runs 3 - 4 seasons and plays out this story arch and then ends. But in a culture where binge watching & total immersion in our television is encouraged (I'm just as guilty) the viewer is left demanding more. The production companies are quick capitalize on this and green light season of shows way past the amount of story the writers had in mind. We've all been there where it felt like a show was done and then we find out they are bringing it back. Full of excitement we sit down for that next season and feel that disappointment when we realize we can no longer justify loving said show the way we used to. \
Stepping off my soap box now. The point of this rant is I feel that True Blood has long past this point. The shit they've made up in the last few seasons has been absolutely ridiculous! To the point where I found myself no longer buying into the world that had been created for me. It lost it's shinny. That being said with the announcement that this is in fact the final season the writers seem to have been infused with creative vigor! They have made many decisions I can support this season, like taking characters that used to be minor characters and building their importance. This is mostly because everyone else is dead which brings me to the second thing I've enjoyed this season. They appear to have been inspired by Game of Thrones and have adopted a "lets kill everyone" attitude. I love these characters I really do but this is the last season of a vampire show, why the hell not? Each one of them has gone out with a bang so far too which is fun. The last thing I love about this season is that the "old Eric" is back. I enjoyed romantic Eric but the version of this character that couldn't give a shit is way more fun!
I promise to post again soon!!

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