Sunday, June 29, 2014

Summer Cirque Part 4

So this weekend was supposed to be weekend two of North Hold Renessaince Fair, but due to unforeseen factors it did not happen… exactly. There was much disappointment from many, for a variety of reasons, so a member from one of the acts organized an event in its place. There were many that could not attend due to costs and booking other gigs but those of us performers that could traveled back up to Cadillac MI to have Renessaince gathering of sorts. 

Over all I would say it was a good weekend but it definitely had it's bumps in the road. I for one did not like having to repack the car to drive down the street and unload it again. Not cool! Also the wind really made aerial difficult and scary yesterday! We weren't even able to go up today it was so strong! Not to mention the lightning threat. And the uncertainty made everyone on edge just a little bit, at least that's how it looked from my perspective. But at the risk of sounding cliche I like to take what I can from these times. For example I got to work out alternative sequencing for my routine and play around more with my rolla-bolla act. Also got to hang with some cools people again this weekend! So with out further rambling I'll get to what I like to imagine is everyone's favorite part. 

Things I learned at the Renessaince (sort of) fair:
1. Wind is trying to kill you
2. I have too much awesome to fit through one hoola-hoop
3. Audiences love it when they think you're gonna die but don't 
4. How to select audience members
5. There is a lovely generous person out there that tips in teensy weensy bottles of Kracken 
6. My love of bag pipes is lasting
7. I can fall asleep to scary movies if I'm not paying attention
8. Whiskey mustard exists!!!
9. My abs are shaping my fat but not getting rid if it
10. Lemon flavored icing goes really well with cinnamon 

Farewell where ever you fare

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