Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Summer Cirque Part 7

FYI:  I should specify that my previous Cirque post due to some technical difficulties was delayed. Pirate Fest was actually August 9th & 10th. This post is about the most current weekend Aug. 23rd & 24th.

Yes that's right. I spent yet another weekend in the renaissance. And boy was it got and uncomfortable! But this weekend a company member that hasn't worked with us allll summer joined us and it was fabulous!! Got to work on my partner acro which is always a favorite of mine. I also got back on the Lyra this weekend which was a bit rocky but lots of fun. 
This weekend I spent a lot of time thinking about the future of my acts and various costume situations. If you have ever seen a sideshow or circus act and thought "how did they come up with that idea" I can only speak for myself really but for me there's a few options of how this goes down. The most straight forward is of course when my boss just tells me "I think you should learn this". Then I start trying. 

Sometimes I see another performer executing a skill and think "I could totally do that!" Usually what that really means is that with lots of practice and probably bruises I can work up to that. Most of the time it really happens too! 
There are also situations where my ADHD self gets bored with my act and starts researching how to make it more interesting. My favorite is when I see something totally unrelated and decide surely I can add that to my act! That happened this weekend. 
I have a specific act that needs to be made more interesting. Not because it's bad but more because I have a short attention span. In my selfishness I saw some belly dancers do a sword dance in which they balance swords on their heads and thought "that's what I need for my act!" I'll probably try it. Could go horribly, either way I promise to write abt it. 
I'll try to find something other than fair to write about for my cirque category. Till then...

Things I learned at Ren Fair
1. Eating all the food can make you want to take your clothes off
2. Wearing a security shirt does not give you a free pass 
3. Not all crochet dragons are created equally 
4. "Do you wanna do a sideshow?" (Song)
5. Everything's better when your spinning, just not too fast
6. People exist that have not seen Mean Girls
7. When it's humid everything sticks. EVERYTHING
8. Calories don't count on fair weekends 
9. All food tastes better when served on swords 
10. The female William Shatner of waitressing does exist

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