Monday, June 15, 2015

Race Day 3: Bob Wasn't Even There!

So I randomly signed up for a 5K this weekend through work. I ended up having nothing to do and it was free so I figured "hey why not?" Why not? I didn't train that's why not! We help sponsor a Brian Diemer run every year which has become known at work as "Beat the Bob" because our CEO comes out and we all try to beat him. Except he wasn't there this year he was on some fancy vacation. Lame! It was cool to see so many people from work though. I ran into one of my work friends that is also a circus friend which was really cool! This was her first 5K and I loved getting to help her finish it out! It actually helped me keep going too because I was starting to get slow & negative. Got my eye on a few more runs this year, I'll keep you crazy kids updated!
Distance: 5K
Time: 33:10
Best Kilometer: 1st 5:21
Worst Kilometer: 5th 7:30
Weather:62 degrees, drizzle 
# This Wk: 1st
Song I Finished To: Novicane
Stand Out Though: Michelle is definitely my best running companion.

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