Monday, June 22, 2015

Summer Cirque Part 11

It's been a strange summer for us in terms of our traditional summer circus gigs. The two Renaissance Fairs that started out our year last year no longer exist so we had two months with little excitement. I've been stilting at the ballpark off & on but even those gigs are fewer this year.
This past Saturday though, we hit up one of my favorite annual gigs we have! A group of the Aerial 4 Me (studio portion of the business) instructors, interns & advanced students head out to the Grand Rapids Pride Event every year.

I adore being a part of this event and supporting the community it represents. I realize that Pride events are not a new thing and in parts of the country it's a highly anticipate event every year. In some places it's no different than any other cultural festival that happens in the summer. But Grand Rapids is nestled in a very conservative portion of Michigan and for us to hold a Pride event right down town by city hall is fantastic! And it's been getting bigger every year! I hope to watch the even grow along with awareness & respect for all people.

This year we had a first time performer, and a student that would have performed last year but was out with an injury. It was great to get to see them doing what they love & actually getting to hear the applause of a live audience.
It really never gets old.
 And while I consider my own journey far from over, I think the part I like about becoming more "seasoned" is getting to share in journey of others as they discover what they love about performing. I always find it so refreshing to work with our students & interns. They bring so much life & energy to the troupe! I can't wait to see what next year brings for Pride, and I hope to have some fun new cirque stories to share with you soon!!

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