Wednesday, October 22, 2014

True Blood "Thank You"

I should start by saying SPOILER ALERT: I will be discussing not only Super Sundays but also the series finale of True Blood. If you do not want to know what happens stop reading.

It has been a while since I've written about Super Sundays. This is in part because I've had several other things I've been trying to get to but also because Super Sundays has been less that super lately. With performance season several of our regular attendees, myself included, have been unable to attend. Our numbers have also suffered due to several people moving away. I am hopeful that interest will pick up again soon especially with the News Room which I am super pumped to have back! This got me thinking about why television draws people together the way it does. Perhaps some of you have a show that you get together with others to watch, or maybe you don't but you're the person that can't wait to chat about your favorite show at work the next day with your coworkers. I have no evidence to back this up nor do I expect others to agree with me. I feel like our urge to get sucked into TV and watch with people or talk about it in person or in social media is connected to the same thing that draws us to telling stories around a camp fire or the instinct we have to continue passing on our personal histories verbally to our children. So when I start to sound like a TV addict just know that I am a story teller and drawn to other story tellers.
So True Blood. Say what you will but I liked the end. There are so many shows that spend seasons building up to a finale and don't deliver. This time they did. The plot threads were tied up and the viewer did not need to know more. Myself, I didn't want to, but in a satisfied way not in an "I give up way". Eric, my favorite character was totally on top where he should be! (Jackie take a shot) I came so close to punching the air and shouting "yes" at the moment you see all his suave Viking charm put to use :)
 I also liked that Sookie ended up with someone random. It was better story telling and probably the only smart thing she did in the whole run of the show! I like that we don't see him and it feels fresh like she is really truly starting over. The only thing that would have made me happier would be if they had killed her. But that's my own gripes, hate me if you want. 


As you may have noticed I'm a super slacker on writing regularly so now you get to hear me fan girl about my new TV obsession. It doesn't air on Sunday nor does anyone watch with me, except my one friend I was able to talk into it. But really Outlander is consuming my mind!
I read the books and the whole concept has always been fascinating to me. But standing stones pull at something in my soul. But if we are being honest here the main reason this show is successful is that they did an amazing job casting the male lead. Pretty good actor, although to be fair to him most of what I've seen him in has been fluffy stuff, and he looks the part. Which to clarify is sexy. I'm super pumped for it to come back in April!!! Not super pumped about waiting till April 😡

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