Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Summer Cirque Part 10 - The End

To every season there is an end and the first weekend in October brought an end to this years "Summer Cirque" season. Of course the gigs will not stop but there is a different feel to them.

Our last fair is one of extremes. On one hand it was cold and uncomfortable. 
On the other hand the vast majority of acts we love to share stages/fair with were here. Over come with nostalgia I realized several things about how far I've come in the 3 years since cirque was introduced to my life.
Fisher's Renaissance Festival was my very first Renaissance fair 3 years ago. We did not perform there last year so when I arrived back this year the differences in myself and my acts were clear to me. Then I was not part of the company, now I have two seasons under my belt. I am performing aerial and comfortable doing so in less than ideal weather conditions but I am also performing ground acts and making a presence on stage. Then I struggled to find clothing that was period appropriate and also warm, now I arrived with the multiple piratey layers needed to stay warm complete with boots and a cape. The cape saved my life! Then I was the strange newby that was meeting everyone for the first time and didn't wander about with out the safety net of my new possy, now I roamed the fair comfortably and visited good friends.
Stripey socks though, stripey socks are constant ;)

I am happy to have the season end. It will give me time to get back to all the other odd activities I do. I will get to spend some much needed time with friends outside my cirque world and visit family. I will also have time to work on new acts and making my current acts more exciting! It is time to take a break from fairs and turn my attention to other things. Here's to ending the season on such a positive and warm note!  So to all my faire friends:
Farewell where every you fair.

This years last lessons of Ren Faire:
1. Tentception = warm and makes you popular
2. When you have heater brownies appear
3. Wind cancels out spinning
4. Sometimes pumpkin ale just starts appearing 
5. Max is random
6. Squire Paul gets bored easily
7. You can spot an imitation  TARDIS because it is not bigger on the inside
8. The stripey sock market is no longer saturated
9. We are SO FAST at setting up the rig in the cold
10. The "eat what ever you want because it's fair weekend" policy catches up with you in the end.... 

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