Saturday, November 1, 2014

Here's To All The Fangirls

I have commented several times in some of the My Thoughts on Media posts on my opinions about why people now love television and movies and stories in general. Some recent events have brought a further question to my mind. What makes a fan girl?

***** two things need to be said before I continue. 1. I recognize and understand that fanboys are an equally influential and prominent but for simplicities sake for this blog I will be using the term Fangirl, please understand I do not consider it gender specific. 2. Now this is important, all things I write here I write in love and solidarity for I consider myself a Fangirl on several accounts*****

Because sometimes the obvious isn't so obvious it should be stated that a true Fangirl is more than just a fan. More than just someone who reads a book because it's on a featured table, or sees as movie because it's at the top of the box office. A Fangirl doesn't go through "phases" they stay true, their love and dedication out lasts trends. 
These are not the people you casually chat at work or on the subway with about last nights episode or your general thoughts on your favorite book. Fangirl conversations go deep and get intense rapidly. You might think this would make them easy to spot, and if you did you'd be right. There are several tells that you are observing a fan girl the first is a failure to speak in complete sentences. When fangirls encounter each other there is a moment of testing each other out before recognizing their shared passion. At this point English is no longer suitable their connection requires a faster and more intimate form of communication: Fangirl Telepathy. Fangirls are also easily identified by the pitch of their squeals of excitement, because sometimes it's so exciting that your vocal chords exceed even your own expectations. If you are thinking that you've seen teens around the world display both of those qualities  the last tell is indisputable. The Fangirl Arms. You know the ones, where they wave both hands back and forth in front of their chest & face rapidly as if they are about to sneeze out fire.

If this is how you recognize a Fangirl I repeat my previous question, what makes a Fangirl. What takes someone from casual enjoyment of something to cosplay? What prompts someone to start writing fanfiction so they can further emerse themselves in the world of their choosing? This is not to mention the clothing, and jewelry, even tattoos of a specific interest. Does fangirling qualify as obsession or is it something else? Some would say that fangirls have their origins on Tumbler, but I would argue that people were fangirling before that even if the label didn't exist yet. So was the beginning on My Space? Or did this all start before that with say Beatlemania? 

The reality is I don't know. But I have been thinking about it a lot in the last two weeks because of two events the first was one of the teenage girls at work telling me out right that I am too old to Fangirl. Whether or no that's true I do it anyway and I don't feel bad about it! The other was two different teenage girls fangirling so hard that they actually wrote a physical list of reasons why I should watch Supernatural, which a good friend of mine saw and felt compelled to add to. I have good friends :)

I will leave you with this list because while I may not know what started fangirling but this made me so happy when I read it. I suppose that's why us fangirls do it. Fangirl (or boy) on my friends! 

Reasons that I should watch Supernatural as written by 2 teenage girls & Michelle:
1. Dean
2. Sams hair
3. Sam
4. Crowley - King of Hell
5. Deanmon
6. ❤️Cas❤️
7. SuperWhoLock
8. Destiel
9. Moose
10. Squirrel
11. '67 Chevy Impala 
15. Demons
16. Angels
17. Bobby is a nice guy
18. Charli
19. "I have genital herpes" - Sam in Hepexia
20. Lots of killing
21. Everyone dies
22. 5 people die in first episode
23. Becky
24. The Supernatutal books
25. Slow change of Sams hair
26. Both been to hell like 7 times
27. Purgatory 
28. Heaven
29. Hellhounds
30. Abbadon
31. Matt Cohen 
32. Genevieve Padalecki
33. Misha Collins ice bucket challenge
34. Puppy Sam 
36. Cas' pimp car
37. When the car turns into a girl
38. Binge watching
39. Yellow eyed demon
41. Metatron >:(
42. Garth & his cowboy hat
43. Things that go bump in the night
44. The time the guy died from eating too much
45. Winkies
46. Meg the demon
47. Megstiel
48. Deans love for burgers
49. Zombie burgers
50. Sam & his vegatabes
51. Deans love for pie
52. Dean with babies & kids
53. Krissy chambers
54. Krissy & dean relationship
55. The wedding chapel
57. Adam Winchester 
58. Dean dying because of a chihuahua 
59. More plaid
60. Trench coat 
62. Fake FBI stuff 
63. Ellen, jo, ash
64. Dean & Sam getting drunk
65. Croatoan
66. When the animals talked
67. Multiplepacolyses
68. Classic rock
69. Mishapscolypse
70. Cas having the leviathans in him
71. Dick roman
72. Greys Anatomy spinoff-thingy
73. Filmed in Vancouver 
74."You don't understand I NEED PIE" 
76. Luci torturing Sam 
77. Crazy Sam
78. Pie
79. 4,000,000,000,000 Tuesday 
80. 4,000,000,000,000 deans death
81. Soulless Sam
82. Angel Sam 
83. Leviathan Sam 
84. Leviathan dean 
85. Halloween episode
86. Christmas episode
87. When Sam decorated Xmas tree w/ air fresheners
88. Fat Santa 
89. Bela talbot is rich & cool
90. Ellen & bobby relationship
91. Jody mills
92. Jody mills & bobby
93. Bobby killed his wife
94. Satan is cold
95. Supernatural fandom
96. The casts kids
97. The casts families
99. exorcisms
100. Rituals
101. Lots of lambs blood 
102. Killer tree
103. Young John & Mary winchester 
104. Hunters
105. Dean is snorts!!
106. Dean as a teacher
107. Sam as a janitor
108. Mary is dead
109. So is John
110. And bobby 
111. And Ellen
112. And jo
113. And ash
114. And all of Sams girlfriends
115. Sam and Dean in Lansing 
116. Pranks
117. Sam as a yoga teacher
118. All the cool monster lore
119. Sarcasm
120. John Winchester/ Jeffery Dean Morgan 

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