Saturday, November 15, 2014

Race Day 1.5

Why 1.5 you might ask?? This is my very first post about a race! But it's actually my second race, I ran a 5K in the spring which I did not blog about because I did not blog. Made sense to me. So I realized this spring that while I hate running I actually love race day!
It's so fun, there's so much energy and suddenly you're part of this group of people all doing the same torture. But what I learned this weekend is how unprepared I was for a trail run. I did OK with the distance but by the end I thought my quads were gonna give out. Probably gonna do it again next year.

5/3 River Bank Run (5/10/14)
Distance: 5k
Time: 27:10
Best Kilometer: 1st, 4:47
Worst Kilometer: 4th, 5:56
Weather: Spring time degrees, dry, sunny
# This Wk: 3
Song I Finished To: Olympic Fanfair

Dirty Duel (11/15/14)

Distance: 6k
Time: 47:51
Best Kilometer: 1st, 6:10
Worst Kilometer: 2nd, 9:08
Weather: 26 degrees, cold, traces of snow on the ground
# This Wk: 2
Song I Finished To: Olympic Fanfair

Thoughts: It's cold, I'm doing OK, keep it up, wait WHAT, seriously if this is the easy way what was the hard way like?!, just need to finish, I'm really sucking at this one, wish I had know what to expect, I'm not running up anymore hills, run just gotta cross the finish line running

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