Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer Cirque Part 3

Well surprise! You get two posts this week! Guess where I was this weekend.... That's right I was at the Renaissance Fair! This weekend was the first ever weekend of North Hold Renaissance Fair in Cadillac MI. Mixed feelings about this one but overall I am pleased.

Down sides first, attendance was super low. Being the first weekend of the first year of this fair I'm just not sure very many people knew about it. This means tips were pretty scarce, in fact on Saturday we had to work 2 shows just to get lunch! Eeek! You might not know this about me but I get hangry, and it happens more quickly when I'm burning calories so the thought of not having lunch was scary! To be fair to our lovely patrons, tips were low not because they were stingy, there just wasn't very many of them. They were quite generous in fact and many of them stopped to chat and it was wonderful! Also our stage, which was the cool kids stage, was directly in the sun pretty much all day. So much so that I may have gotten distracted by the glitter on my eyes at one point in the middle of a show. Oops!

Now before you start thinking I had an awful time at this fair I will share all the brilliant things that happened! We got to share the stage with one of my favorite performers I have ever met in person! Ric Roc is outstanding, both to watch perform and to hang out with back stage during fair! Good times were had by all and screaming chickens were thrown more often than they should have been. Or not enough? We had a reappearance this weekend of the Gwyd and Dangit version of our show (my other boss Sylver was at a different gig, don't worry she'll be back this weekend!) which meant that I got to practice my stage presence. I have found my self starting to say lines to the show in my own way with my own flavor which is cool because when I start doing this at Mayfaire this year I was mostly copying the way Sylver delivered the lines. It means I'm growing, aren't you proud reader? I got to hang out with my ren fair friends from previous fairs which is always a good time but I also got to chill with some music groups that I really enjoy and one of them I've never seen perform at all! So as I said mixed feelings on the weekend but if I had to give an overall opinion I would say it was a great time and I hope that the fair grows and people hear about it! Now for your favorite part of these

Things I learned at Ren fair:
1. Drums exist that are so large I could fit in them
2. The Box of Extreme Discomfort is truly an easy bake oven
3. Audiences love the screaming chickens
4. So do we
5. I can still juggle after not having tried it for a month (only once though)
6. The song Wipe Out completely transforms my rolla-bolla skills into an act
7. First impressions can be unfairly colored by unrelated events
8. There are some flies that can bite right through tights!!
9. I am not the only one amused by my rear view camera
10. I really should get the Monday after fair off!

Till next time!

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