Sunday, June 1, 2014

Summer Cirque Part 2

Well we just completed another weekend at the renaissance fair which closes out Mayfair for the season. This weekend brought with it a whole bunch of new wisdom and silliness! 
I was on stage for the first time ever as more than just an extra. Just me and my boss so there was no one to hide behind. I think I did ok though, and I would say that I definitely played to my strengths. We even kept one of the segments in when my other boss joined us on Sunday. But what I feel most proud of is that with each show I got better at engaging the audience and trying new things to make the act mine. 
I also got to make new friends this weekend! I met new friends last weekend too but it always amazes me how quickly performers at renessaince fairs bond over things. You sometimes only see them two weekends a year but it doesn't seem to matter much bc we all tend to have the same sort of weird. Except for the ones that are just a little too weird ;). That's what makes coming back so exciting every year. 
But what you really want to know is what I learned this weekend at renfaire:
1. I can rolla bolla while climbing through two hoola hoops
2. Some people will always cultivate their own negativity 
3. Brand new silks are super hard to climb!
4. Pride really can come before a fall and sometimes you have to let go of your pride so you don't fall
5. The Box of Discomfort is really hot
6. I survived getting whipped and had a BA welt to prove it
7. Glitter and sunscreen do awful things to your pores 
8. Juggling (sort of)
9. Stage combat (lesson 1)
10. I make a great stunt double Sir James!!

Thanks for reading! Hopefully I'll get some time coming up to write about new things. Till later!


  1. Interesting lessons are lucky you learned them and didn't just let them fly by.

  2. Still need to make it to a Renaissance fair. Thank you for at least letting me visit.