Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Race Day Part 4 - Another 10 Down

It has been quite a while since I wrote about my cardio adventures! Mostly because I've either been running inside on the treadmill because Michigan is cold, or because I've been injured & not running. Either way I was even less prepared for this year's 10k than I was for last year. 
I'm still pretty proud of myself for sticking to my guns & running the 10k distance anyway I definitely thought about bailing and only running 5. I don't know why people don't talk specifics on this stuff they just say "someday". "Someday you won't bounce back as quickly." "Someday you'll get hurt easier." What no one ever says is that magical "someday" is 30. Even something simple like a pulled muscle takes way longer to heal after 30 than it does when you're younger. So when I say I'm proud of myself for not backing out, I really am! In the month leading up to the race I first pulled a calf muscle pretty seriously. Then I jammed my big toe. Both incidences interrupted my training in a big way right before the race. It doesn't stop there though, I'm proud of myself for finishing this 10k with out re injuring something and preventing my further endeavors. 
My mom walked again, and I'm very proud of her for not just making that healthy change for a little bit. She's completely changing her habits & trying to get in better shape. My cousin ran with me for her first 10k which was really cool! I hope she keeps doing races with me like we talked about. We paced each other pretty well and are a good running team. My goal for this year is to do more races even if they are only 5k so that way I keep training and am more prepared for next year. I think that's what I said last year but I have more people on board now which makes it easier!! 
My Fitbit was being a butt face & kept pausing!

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