Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Race Day Part 5 - Bob Doesn't Even Work Here Anymore...

Some background on the title of this post: We at my place of employment help sponsor the race & a potion of it goes through our campus. We get a discount & are encouraged to run on our company team. Bob was one of the executives & every year we would have to try to beat him. Only he never ran very fast I'm told, so it wasn't terribly difficult.
Well he no longer works here so now we have no random old man to beat but I still take advantage of the discount & run the Brian Diemer 5k every year. The weird thing about this race for me is that I will run a strong first 3 miles in the Riverbank Run, finish strong feeling really good about it the month before and then fall apart & run a sloppy & slow 5k. The highlight of this race was getting to hang with my awesome cousin again & the really great people who put their sprinklers out pointed towards the street.  It was definitely 1 million degrees that morning! Not to mention I was able to get my mom out to walk it for her second 5k this year!! I'm so proud of her :)Why this race is so hard for me is still a mystery but this year it definitely has motivated me to run at least a 5k every month. So stay posted for more! 

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