Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Year of the Nerd Movies!

I remember mentioning in my review of Star Wars: Episode VII that this year was the most epic year of movies for nerds. Maybe ever! Or maybe I didn't write that & just made that up in my mind....
Regardless there is just movie after movie coming out that I, and many other nerds, are looking forward to. The latest installments for me have been Deadpool, Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, & Captain America: Civil War. I will quickly review my thoughts on both movies for you in the order I saw them.


Things I liked:
The continuous 4th Wall breaking. That for me added an element that the other Marvel movies do not have. I felt like it also made the more "rated R" content not feel as out of place. Which brings me to something else I enjoyed, the decided but not over done R rating of the movie. It was fun to see a Marvel film that was a little more adult & relate-able, but in keeping good balance they didn't go so far over the line that I felt uncomfortable as an audience member. Then there was the obvious plot points that will allow Deadpool to be in an ensemble movie at some point which is exciting!
Things I didn't like:
Basically nothing, I had so much fun at this movie! In a world where people don't really buy  movies anymore I have been debating purchasing this one. 

Pride & Prejudice & Zombies

Confession: I did not read this book.
Things I liked: There were many things to  like about this movie but I think for me they all sum up in how well the mash up of Regency Vs. Zombie Hunter was done. I mean this from all aspects not just plot (although that was very good). The incorporation of both themes was beautifully put into both set design & costume design as well! For me the cast was also top notch. Lily James has earned my eternal love & devotion as a fan. She has not disappointed me up till this point & she played a wonderful Lizzy. I also really enjoyed the knock down drag out fight between Lizzy & Darcy, I though that was a wonderful representation of the tension between the two. 
Thinks I didn't like: They took out my favorite line of Pride & Prejudice. "You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire & love you." I get that it doesn't fit as well with the Zombies but It's still the pinnacle of Pride & Prejudice to me. I heard there were more dojo scenes in the book & that would have been nice to have in the movie. Overall there was not much for me to criticize. 

Captian America: Civil War

Confession: Despite other intentions I only saw the first two Captain America movies the week before this came out.
Things I liked: Chris Evans. Paul Rudd. RDJ. Scarlet Johansson. Ok I could keep going that way because basically I just love all the actors in the Marvel movies! I love how deep they are digging with Steve Rodgers character. Marvel tends to be a little fluffier than DC as far as movies go, so even if they wrap up nicer at the ending it's nice to see them dig deep during the bulk of the movie. The tension & conflict was realistic & relatable. I certainly can say that I've been in situations where I'm stuck choosing between doing things the right way & doing what is right. I also enjoyed that they left it up to us as viewers to decide who was on the right side. Further on this point I thought it was a realistic portrayal of how friendships change as we grow as people & sometimes you find yourself on the opposite side as a close friend but it doesn't always have to end the friendship completely. I may catch crap for this next one but I kinda liked that it was Avengers 2.5.... Hate me if you like. I thought the introduction of Ant-Man well done & the casting/writing for this new Spiderman was brilliant!! Black Panther was everything thing he should be, sophisticated, kinda angry & very sexy! I laughed, got teary, and sat on the edge of my seat more than once in this one. I had so much fun at this movie I literally forgot how long it was!
Things I didn't like: Basically nothing. Unless you count having technical difficulties buying tickets & ending up with 15 tickets to see the same movie....

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