Thursday, June 23, 2016

Summer Cirque Part 13 - Pride Fest 2016

Every year we are present at this event & every year we bring some of our more advanced students down to give them a chance to perform. Every year I am pleasantly surprised & proud with their creativity and talent. I really love being part of such a wonderful event every year & this year especially it was nice to see so many people come out. Between the heat & safety concerns I was worried that we would see lower attendance, but I should have known better that such a strong community wouldn't let either of those bother them. 

I was really happy after not quite hitting  my aerial routines the way I wanted to at Port Washington that things seemed to fall into place. That gives me more confidence heading into the rest of the season. The two students that we brought with us really challenged themselves & did amazing! Each time they climbed higher, did more moves & pushed their endurance which as an instructor is so special to see. They were even photographed by the GR Press which is always cool.
I'm pretty sure everyone had fun too, which is why we do it in the first place! The heat was the big thing on everyone's mind at least in our booth. It was super hot & humid which takes so much energy out of you & makes the silks sticky, ick! One of our students mentioned "I think it gets hotter the higher you climb" and we just verified that is a real thing. I think at some point during the day we all had a heat exhaustion moment, thank god for the lemonade stand, it was truly magical. 

There were two sad parts, at least for me, about Pride this year. The first is that with the new set up we were unable to see the drag show. The way they rearranged was super smart for vendors & to make a little extra money to go down to the families of the Orlando victims but that also meant I had to miss the show, which is  one of my favorite parts! The other thing that was a bit of a let down was that we didn't get to see our random friend that we met two years ago. Over the last couple of years running into him, even if it's only for 5 minutes or so has become a staple. There's always next year though!

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