Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Summer Cirque Part 12 - Port Washington Pirate Festival

The I'm This is a fair that I've heard a lot about but never attended, mainly because it got canceled right before I joined the troupe. I heard that it was great fun, awesome performers, amazing crowds, & real live pirate ships on the water! This year they brought it back, so we packed up, drove over to Port Washington WI & guess what? It delivered!

I was greeted by lovely lake views, excellent performers (some new faces, others familiar), and fair goers that were happy to be there, excited to see good entertainment & ready to have fun! Some of them even sat through the rain to watch my boss to stupid human tricks for a whole show. We took what it starting to feel like the core troupe members with us
Gwyd & Sylver, of course, Myself & Random Max. What was strange about this was this was our first big summer event this year so we had no smaller fair to warm up on, try things out, get accustomed to performing long days outside again. No major breakthroughs this weekend in terms of skills that myself or anyone else is working on but as I said we were getting our "fair" legs again. I feel like once I get out there for a weekend in front of a live audience it gets my creative juices going. I start to think about all the ways I can make my acts better! But thankfully it went about as well as a first weekend goes & there were no major mishaps. 

I got to have a very exciting adventure in the fog, and was joined by everyone else eventually but if that hasn't been mentioned previously I LOVE FOG!
So I was happy to have bit of it to myself. I also got to meet a very wonderful new friend that toured with several circus performers as a historian. It was wonderful to hear her stories & perspective about not only circus but life in general! And on the performer side I made new piratey friends that are actors in the Chicago area when they are not pirating in the Midwest! Overall a great weekend at Pirate Festival but no huge stories to tell. 

Things I Learned at Fair

1. Don't let Max apply your sunscreen
2. People actually have wolves as pets... this is a real thing, more than just that one guy!
3. I am not stronger than the wind
4. It will always be strange to drive through a place you called home
5. Don't test your tornado sirens when it is pouring rain 
6. My love for fog is not limited to the British Isles
7. Mars Cheese Castle is as janky as it looks BUT delivers on its promise of delicious cheese
8. There are friends that break the rules with you & there are friends that keep you safe while you're doing it. Both are necessary
9. Spray painted wood makes for bad Rolla Bolla 

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