Monday, December 22, 2014


Every year I get so excited for Christmas! It's not because I'm Christian and view it as one of the most important celebrations of the year. It's not because my mom is completely obsessed to the point of reminding me how many months left on the 25th of each month. It's not because of the gifts. It's not because decorating is fun & pretty. It's not because of the food. It's not because of the snow. It's not because every Christmas from the time I can remember has at least one good memory attached to it.

All of those things are true, but over the years my love of this season has somehow absorbed all of these and still managed to grow beyond them. I love this season, this time of year because it reminds me how amazing humans are. I post every year on Facebook about how cultures around the world (although perhaps not as consistently in the souther hemisphere) celebrate light during the darkest week of the year. Now days the darkness of this time of year is usually brought up regarding electric & heat bills or depression but there was a time when it would have put a huge burden on human existence not to be able to provide in the same ways for their families. I think it speaks to our true nature that over the centuries we have chosen to celebrate light this week. We focus on its beauty and all the gifts & strength the light brings us. In stead of giving up we as a race pull together with our communities & those we love to remind each other to have hope. We feast, give gifts & make merry in direct defiance of darkness in the very week it is most prevalent. We remind each other that we are not alone, and together we are stronger. Together we will overcome & persevere.

I realize I have been speaking to literal light and dark, and in our history celebrations may have been just about that, but for me this season means something more. In a world full of stress, pressure and cultures that reward self preservation it reminds me that have not lost our ability to love selflessly or to give freely of ourselves. This season renews my faith, not just my spiritual faith, but my faith in the people of this world. It reminds me to look for it & live it everyday.  So as you sit down with your family and open gifts remember to love, remember to care, remember to hope. There is so much darkness in the world today remember we are stronger when we stand together and hold onto the light.
Happy Holidays

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