Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The First Step Is The Hardest

Those of you reading know that I'm working up to 10k distance. I decided that what I need to do is just start going that distance as often as time & my body allows. Even if I do not run the whole time. Two quick things about me: I'm very competitive, and very prize motivated. This makes it hard for me to set a reasonable pace for myself, I frequently over set my goals. Yesterday I set out to run/walk my new distance with a really reasonable goal though, of walking 1k and then running 2k. It was going really well, then my phone died. It appears I'm bound to have a glitch every run, such is life though right! I think I did pretty well regardless but keep in mind these stats are not entirely accurate (but more than last week!).

Distance: 10.5k
Time: approx 85 min
Best Kilometer: 5th 5:41
Worst Kilometer: 4th 11:06
Weather: 36 -> 34 degrees, snowing, ground was wet turning into slushy & slippery
# This Wk: 1
Song I Finished To: None, music died with my phone :(

Stand Out Though: The quickest way out is through

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