Thursday, December 4, 2014

The One That Shouldn't Have Happened

I kept trying to talk myself out of running today and for once I probably should have listened. Murphys Law definitely applied today! It started with Map My Run going crazy on me. So my distance and splits were not accurately calculated. Also even when I'm tight after I get myself moving muscles tend to loosen up. Nope! I actually got tighter as I ran and everything hurt, everything. I had to shorten my run by (I'm guessing) a kilometer or so just so I didn't pull anything. You know when you make a good choice for all the right reasons but it still feels like failure? That was my run from start to finish today. Sorry for the negative post but the only positive I can glean is: I did it. 

Distance: 4K
Time: 30:57
Best Kilometer: N/A
Worst Kilometer: N/A
Weather: 32 degrees, sunny, patches of snow & ice in the ground 
# This Wk: 2 
Song I Finished To: Shipping Off to Boston

Thoughts: (see above mostly),at least my leggings got broken in, maybe this means Tuesday will be better, can I get aways with blaming this on the full moon in two days? 
Look at my messed up GPS!!! This is NOT the route I took!


  1. Well cute leggings and "do(ing) it makes a difference. Things will get better😊. GPS fail and so do people. It is how things recover that makes the difference.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! Seriously every little bit helps :)